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The Film​

Miracle at Manchester is based on a true story of how a community comes together to organize a miracle for a teen battling terminal brain cancer while two men find their own restoration in his healing journey. The film is a blueprint for the foundation along with ideas to what people can do to help these kids.  This project goes far beyond making an entertaining film, it’s about benefiting the lives of kids.


Here the Foundation will distribute laptop computers, tablets, iPod Touch and other Wi-Fi ready electronics suited to serve pediatric patient undergoing long-term treatment.  All of our electronics are interactive and internet-ready; designed to help a child find the connection and diversion they need. 


Here the Foundation will organize celebrity appearances to pediatric cancer hospitals across America.  These visits will not only be designed to brighten up the day but provide a much-needed diversion to help children cope with the emotional and physical hardships of long term, debilitating treatment.  


A more generic program that aims at recruiting local volunteers to help us in our mission to support children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.  Here we wish to build a network where individuals can use their own unique talents, skills and experiences to help.

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